Wedges, Sandwedge, Pitchwedge, Lobwedge

Anyone starting out is bound to miss a lot of greens on approach shots and require one to get the ball close to the hole from around the green. Wedges are the highest lofted clubs in the bag designed to go the shortest distance to have the ability to stop rolling and land close to the hole. Wedges are sometimes hit as full shots, but many times as less than full finesse shots as a way to land the ball softly. One particular model, the sand wedge, was designed specifically to hit from the sand trap, but you will find this club useful on a number of other shots such as from the deep rough around the green.

you can buy and configure your personal Wedge according to your body, length, grip size, flex, graphit shafts or Steelshafts, even with the choice of the material you like.

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