Golf Pride Multicompound MCC Plus 4 Standard upper green Grip Kit (with 13 grips, 13 tapes, solvent, vise clamp)

Codice articolo: GKRE204

Versand aus Deutschland

Categoria: Impugnatura per Ferro/Wedge/Legno/Driver/Rescue

169,00 €
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Tempo di consegna: 2 - 3 giorni lavorativi


The new MCC Plus4 features the proven hybrid performance of the MCC Multicompound but with a slightly softer compound. In addition, it comes with a tour proven shape. The majority of Tour players build up their grips to reduce tension in their hands. With a 4.6% larger outside diameter in the lower hand, the Plus4 encourages lighter grip pressure promoting less tension throughout the swing for more power.

Colore: verde grigio / verde
Peso: 52 g
Misura del Manico: Standard
Dimensione nucleo:
Materiale: Multi-Density

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