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he Acer XV Ultimate Thriver provides golfers with the best of both worlds by generating driver distance with the control of a fairway wood off of the tee. Year after year, one of our Thrivers has been one, if not, our highest selling and rated tee club.  The XV is the 4
th generation model and improves upon several features that have made these fairway-finding demons.

? Thin, reactive face for high COR right up to the legal limit for more distance

? Shorter, more control length for solidness of contact

? Adjustable weighting to provide more fitting options

? Heavier weight head maximizes MOI and increases momentum into the ball

? Large, confidence building volume (460cc) and face height

? Slightly lower loft than previous versions to increase roll and overall distance

What makes most golfers miss a fairway off of the tee?  There are two reasons; one is the length is too long and the other it is too lightweight.  Drivers today are all increasingly longer in length and lighter weight than even a few years ago.  Why?  So one can potentially swing the club faster and have more leverage to hit the ball further.  But that is only achievable is the ball is struck solidly in the center of the face that is square to the target. This is fine for a robot or a touring pro with a repeatable swing. For the average golfer it is a recipe for yet another missed fairway.

The Acer XV Ultimate Thriver is a full 10 to 20 grams heavier than a normal driver to allow from anywhere between 1 to 2 inches shorter for a more controllable playing length that now has the proper amount of weight in their hands. The addition of the weight produces even greater forgiveness making this the ultimate in control off the tee.  Plus with more weight in the head will transfer more momentum to the ball and establish a better swing tempo.

One change to this Thriver is reduced loft (12º) which produces approximately the same launch angle as a standard weight 10.5º driver which will have more roll out and total distance.

The Acer XV Ultimate Thriver comes with 3 different weights (2, 7 and 12 grams) giving customers options for length and swingweight not possible with any other driver on the market.  Start "thriving" today for a better score.

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