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ProSoft is an insert which reduces vibration 70% better than other steel shafts and 25-30% better than graphite shafts. ProSoft improves feel and provides golfers the ability to practice and play longer because it decreases the harmful effects of "shock" on the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Originally something similar built into True Temper models, the ProSoft inserts are now sold in a pack of ten to fit inside any steel shaft. The ProSoft insert is 14" long and weighs a mere 4 grams. The insert does not affect the playability or alter swingweight.

To install, make sure the clubs is cut to length then slide the insert into the butt end of the shaft. Place a mark 7" on a wooden dowel, and then push the insert past the butt end to that mark to ensure consistency for each club in the set. No epoxy will be necessary as the foam will provide a friction fit. Cap the shaft with grip tape to create a barrier to liquid and moisture from the inside of the shaft.

how to install:

1) Secure the shaft in your vice.
2) With a ProSoft Insert manually inserted into the shaft butt about one inch, place the forked end of the tool about ½? from the shaft butt on top of the insert (forked tip down) and left hand index finger under the insert (and below the forked tip of the tool). Use slight pressure to press the insert up against the forked tip.Note: The white tube section and disk should be at the tool handle at this time.
3) Push the tool into the shaft, causing the tool tip to pullthe insert into the shaft, allowing the insert to slide on your left hand index finger. Your finger will help compress the insert, allowing it to slide into the shaft. Maintain pressure against the insert with the forked end. Slide the insert and white tube section completely into the shaft until the disk and handle stop your motion.
4) When fully inserted, place your left hand thumb and index finger on the disk to hold it in place . The white tube section on the tool stays completely inside the butt of the shaft during the next step.
5) With your left hand keeping the disk in place, rotate the fork with your right hand until the handle is in the ?up? position. The forked tip is now facing the inside wall of the shaft, and has ?released? the insert. To ensure that forked tip has released the insert, wiggle the handle back and forth until it feels ?free?.
6) Still continuing to hold the disk against the shaft butt, withdraw the tool in one smooth motion. When the fork reaches the white tube section it will stop, and you can remove the tool completely out of the shaft. Now, while holding the white tube section with the disk to the forked end of the tool, insert the tool into the shaft to confirm the proper depth of the insert.
7) The insert will always installto the same depth inside the shaft. There will be no change in club swingweight. 8) Proceed to install the grip on the club in the normal manner. After installing the grip, we suggest that the grip tape covering the butt be punctured with a sharp object (a nail or a golf tee) through the vent hole of the grip.

Do not use ProSoft Inserts with the following products: GS75, GS85, GS95.

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