Grip Tape Remover Tool

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Grip Tape Remover Tool

The Uneekscraper:

Will not scratch or mar graphite or steel shafts

Does not require the use of a vice

It can be re-sharpened using a belt sander following the original contour

Difficult to remove tape or clubs with more than two wraps may require several passes with a heat gun for easier tape removal

It will also remove lead tape and Mylar tags

Durable: tools sold in 1998 are still in use today



1.      2? X  2? ¼? to ½?  thick pad of felt (will help the cutting edge from dulling)

2.      3/16 screw (holds the butt end of the shaft from moving)

3.      Take the felt pad and glue it to the end of your bench about waist height (use a piece of duct tape to keep it in place until dry)

4.      When the felt is dry center the screw in the middle of felt pad and tighten the screw until ½? extends from the felt

5.      Now with the grip already removed place the butt end of the shaft over the screw (the shaft is now locked in place)

6.       Holding the Uneekscraper at a 25-30 degree angle, to the shaft, your hand will be higher than the cutting edge, push the tape off the shaft (this pushing motion, if properly done, should be away from the body toward your felt pad or bench)

7.       Place a trash can near or under the shaft so you can easily through the old tape away

8.       Your club is ready to grip


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