Graman S80 Graphite Ice Black - Wood X

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Graman Signature Series S80 Graphite Ice Black Shaft

The all new Signature Series shafts were designed without any boundaries. Graman designers were given Carte Blanche to design and manufacture shafts to meet every level of play and expectations of the most discerning golfer. To achieve maximum playability, absolute formulation and application of raw materials were used, including multi directional multi modulus prepreg to formulate along with traditional ultra-high modulus micro unidirectional plies. Quadraxial prepreg allowed Graman designers to create a golf shaft that is stable and light yet flexible to achieve ultra-high performance and feel. Multiple directional weaving allows infinite design options which were not available with traditional unidirectional plies. With tolerances guaranteed at 1 CPM or less with all S series shafts, they are the most symmetrical shafts in the world. Like the G Series, all S series shafts come with certified CPM number and Optimum Flex Line (TM) sticker on the butt allowing for logo alignment to produce a perfectly matched set. > Unique and innovative Quadraxial prepreg design on S-50s, S-60s, S-70s and S-80s > Quadraxial prepreg produces more stable and responsive shafts with minimum collapsing at impact, more elasticity, and quicker recovery with ultra-low spin rate. > All with unsurpassed feel that is much more responsive than traditional unidirectional shafts. > CPM/Optimum Flex Line (TM)-certified sticker with 1 CPM or less tolerance > Maximum customizing flexibility

Peso: 79 g
Materiale: grafite
Diametro della Punta: 0.335 in
Trim code: W42


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