Charger 16,8 V - 5 A for TiCad Battery

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Charger for the following Battery: 27 Holes Golf Battery 12 V (14,8 V) - 23,4 Ah for TiCad Goldfinger and Liberty (until 2013)


Nominal voltage:: 14,8 V
Nominal capacity (one hour)): 23,4 AH
Standard charging: 5A CC (constant current) charge to 16,8 V; then CV (constant voltage) 16,8V bis I-1,2 A
Maximum discharge current: 25A
Cut off voltage: 11V
Operating temperature: Charging : 0-45°C / Discharging : -20°C - 60°C
Storage temperature: -20°C - 45 ° C
Weight: 2,5 kg (Tolerance 5%)

With the series GOS you get a Lithium Ion Battery Set in from an excellent quality production which replaces your old lead acid battery one by one. You are only buying once and enjoy many Years of carefree golfing until the purchase of a new caddy. With the purchase of a Lithium-Ion Battery you get a product which lasts as long as 3 to 5 times the life of a lead acid battery. The battery is always supplied to you with the charger in a set. Details of dimensions and electrical data you?ll find in the corresponding data sheet ? just click on the data sheet link. All offered batteries have been type approved in a german battery lab and fulfill all safety demands and standards so that you have a long pleasant driving. We do not offer any Lithium-Manganese Systems. These are of course budgetary but the cycle life time is hardly better than the one of lead acid batteries.

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