Blade Trolley

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Categoria: Carello di Golf senza batteria

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Ultra compact is yesterdayï¾?s news ï¾? ULTRA SLIM is our new motto!

The new BLADE trolley not only fits the definition of the ultra-compact category, but actually creates the need for a new trolley category of its own. With the BLADE BIG MAX has succeeded in bringing to market the most spectacular trolley in terms of design and functionality.  BIG MAX has made the golf businessï¾?s very own ï¾?Twiggy"!.  With its ultra-slim design it stands out from the crowd of functional push trolleys.  The Blade scores highly once again as it can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of a few seconds because the wheels automatically flip out.

Hard Facts:

Fits in the smallest space / locker
ONE FOLD Technology
Easy and practical to transport
Stable construction
Suitable for all bag sizes
Two quick fix brackets
Adjustable for all bag sizes


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