Apollo CWS Steel Tapered - #3 Iron S Flex 40.5 inch

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Designed for the more advanced players who desire to produce tour trajectory type golf shots, Apollo's new CWS (Constant Weight Steel), taper tip iron shafts have a firm tip section which produces the piercing trajectory favored by the best players. Each shaft within the set weighs the same due to the constant weight design providing greater shaft consistency. This results in superior distance control and a tighter shot dispersion, especially in the scoring clubs where the constant weight concept is needed most. Each shaft is manufactured to exacting weights and balance point positions to ensure consistent flex matching through the set.

Constant Weight is a shafting concept in which all of the shafts in a given set of irons will weigh the same regardless of their length. This does not occur with unitized, parallel tip shafts or even certain taper tip shafts that start out as a master shaft, tip trimmed to increase the stiffness and then swaged to form the tapered tip section. As more material is tip trimmed, the shaft becomes progressively lighter the shorter the shaft. This is described as a Descending Weight shaft.

If the shaft weight is greater with the same step pattern and length then this equates to increased wall thicknesses. The byproducts are an increasein the overall weight of the club, steeper frequency slope, the tip section becomes stiffer and it even lowers the torque, especially the shorter the shaft. This is why touring professional prefer the constant weight version of a shaft more so than the descending mass model when available for greater control. One reason you also find a discrete length for each iron in the set.

Designed to fit major manufacturer's pro-line irons and wedges requiring 0.355" taper tip shafts.

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