Apollo Acculite 85 Steel - Iron R

Codice articolo: APMACL-IR_K2

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Categoria: pozze di Golf

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The new Apollo Acculite 85 represents the latest in sub ultra-lightweight technology. This 40 " iron shaft has a cut weight 20 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts providing additional feel, trajectory and distance golfers seek from a graphite offering, yet the stability that steel in renowned for. Apollo has successfully combined the best of both worlds together in an affordable high performance steel shaft. The Apollo Acculite 85 is available in separate R (regular) and S (stiff) flexes.

Peso: 92 g
Materiale: acciaio
Diametro della Punta: 0.370 in
Schaftkategorie: Eisen
Trim code: IH18
Butt Durchmesser: 0.600 in


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