Acer SHM-2 Mallet Putter (RH) - Clubhead

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The Acer shm-2 (short for Simple Harmonic Motion) mallet putter is designed with counterbalancing in mind. First, the head is heavier which raises the MOI of the head for added forgiveness. Secondly, counterbalancing then offsets the head weight and shifts the center of gravity of the putter closer to the player�s hands so it encourages the bigger muscles in the upper body to propel the putter rather than create a �wristy� stroke.

Can be assembled 3ï¾? longer than a conventional putter with an extend length (15ï¾?) putter grip. By choking down to your normal length, the counterweight is positioned above the hands and becomes more effective in creating a pendulum stroke. This type of putters is also a great way to enjoy the benefits that a belly putter has without anchoring.

Features a soft TPU insert and is face balanced. Counterweights are sold separately.

Standard Clublength: 34 inch (to add for counterweighting: 3 inch!)
Hosel ID: 0.370 inch

Peso: 385 g
Mano: Destra
Materiale: acciaio inossidabile

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